Who We Are

The Colchester Consulting Group provides strategic advisory services to organizations seeking change. We are a small, entrepreneurial organization with “big firm” experience. We complement our own staff with a broad network of experienced colleagues to ensure you get just the right group of people to support your team and your needs.

Performance, that elusive but highly sought after goal. We vision, we analyze, we work, we struggle—and yet, we often fall short. The only thing that exceeds the number of failures is the theories that explain them. As a student of business theory and an advisor serving CEOs of Fortune 500 companies for more than thirty years, I have come to believe that the answer is relatively simple. Rather than eloquent theories of performance, we need deep mastery of business basics to achieve our intended results. My answer to the myriad of conceptual frameworks is simple and familiar. The challenge is not in the knowing but in the doing of three core elements:
  • Formulating what you want to do based on an unbiased assessment of your external marketplace and internal capabilities
  • Translating what you need to do into a realistic game plan that addresses the particular intricacies of your own organization
  • Implementing what you intend to do while improvising adjustments required by changing conditions
It may not be simple, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. There are lots of ways to begin the process. I can help.

Judi Israel Rosen is the Founder and CEO of The Colchester Consulting Group. For over thirty years, Judi has been a leader of professional service organizations serving Fortune 500 companies. In addition to her executive roles, she has maintained an active consulting practice; assisting senior executives of the country’s largest companies realize significant shifts in shareholder value while increasing their own capacity for change. As both a leader and a consultant, Judi applies the same formidable talents to drive business success: uncanny abilities to rapidly identify the most critical business issues, create a safe platform for constructive conflict, and bring the most innovative business concepts to CEO’s and other general managers who think of her as one of their own. Experienced in all business disciplines required for profitable growth, Judi and her team focus on generating individual and organizational alignment to ensure changes in future performance.

Prior to launching The Colchester Consulting Group, Judi was President of The Concours Group, Managing Director at CSC Index, and a Partner with Bain & Company. Judi is a graduate of Northwestern University and Harvard Business School.